Cell Signaling Technology #4398

Disclaimer: The fact that this page reports negative results with the given antibody does not mean that the antibody does not work – it just means that our laboratory did not succeed, using our typical experimental protocol, to find the searched protein by immunoblotting in the tissue examined. Modificiation of the protocol, or the selection of other tissue, might still provide excellent results.

ALK2 is reported to participate in bone morphogenetic protein signaling at the hepatocyte plasma membrane. The CST antibody detects very weak bands at approximately 65 kDa, which ARE shifted by about 3 kDa following PNGase F treatment (ALK2 has one predicted glycosylation site). A problem is the size of the protein: ALK2 should be seen at about 55 kDa, NOT at about 65 kDa…

The figure shows the effect of PNGase F treatment on ALK2 (?) bands in liver 3000 g fraction obtained from WT and hemojuvelin KO mice.




Conclusion: ALK2 becomes more and more important in hepcidin regulation; however, at the moment it seems unfortunately impossible to conclude that this particular antibody indeed detects ALK2.