Abcam ab80194

For TFR2 detection, many papers have reported the successful use of ADI TFR21-A antibody. The antibody works very well, if you are interested in detecting the INTRACELLULAR part of TFR2 molecule. Should you be interested in detecting the EXTRACELLULAR part of TFR2, another antibody will be needed. The Abcam ab80194 seems to be a good choice, at least for mice.

The picture shows TFR2 detection in spleen and liver microsomes. Control spleen microsomes (C) contain no detectable TFR2. E1, E2 and E3 are three samples of splenic microsomes isolated from erythropoietin-treated mice (as reported by Frýdlová et al. in 2017, EPO-treated mice express a lot of TFR2 in the spleen). WT and KO are liver microsomes from wild-type and Tfr2KO mice, generously provided by Prof. M.P. Roth. The weak band in KO mice probably represents residual TFR2 expression, alternatively, there could be some cross-reactivity with TFRC. Overall, given the tremendous difference between Tfr2 WT and KO liver samples, we regard the antibody as specific.