Invitrogen PA5-88983

Disclaimer: The fact that this page reports negative results with the given antibody does not mean that the antibody does not work – it just means that our laboratory did not succeed, using our typical experimental protocol, to find the searched protein by immunoblotting in the tissue examined. Modificiation of the protocol, or the selection of other tissue, might still provide excellent results.


HFE seems to be a difficult protein to detect in mouse liver samples. To obtain reliable results, one would expect that the antibody:
1) Does NOT detect HFE protein in livers from HFE knockout mice.
2) DOES detect HFE protein in livers from HFE overexpressing mice.

As can be seen in the picture below, the Invitrogen PA5-88983 antibody does detect the overexpressed HFE protein, but is not – at least in our hands – sensitive enough to detect endogenous HFE protein. Thus, at this moment (June 2021), we believe the only antibody capable of detecting endogenous HFE protein in mouse liver is (was) the discontinued SC 18810 antibody.

As can be seen in the last lane of the upper panel, the invitrogen antibody correctly detects HFE overexpressed from the AAV2/8 vector. However, it shows non-specific bands in the HFE protein region, so it does not differentiate between liver samples from wild-type mice and HFE knockout mice. The SC 18810 antibody (discontinued) WAS able to do that, as seen in the lower panel.