Novus Biological NBP1-21502

Disclaimer: The fact that this page reports negative results with the given antibody does not mean that the antibody does not work – it just means that our laboratory did not succeed, using our typical experimental protocol,┬áto find the searched protein by immunoblotting in the tissue examined. Modificiation of the protocol, or the selection of other tissue, might still provide excellent results.

A controversial antibody. High-profile iron researchers like Samira Lakhal-Littleton reported its use with mouse tissues in vivo. However, the group of Tracey Rouault reported in their Science 2018 paper that the antibody does NOT work with mice.

Our results apparently confirm that the antibody does not detect mouse ferroportin. Spleen homogenates show lovely bands at 62 kDa – however, they do not react to hypoxia, which is supposed to increase ferroportin content (Fig A). In contrast, when the same membrane is developed using the well-characterised FPN antibody by Alpha Diagnostics, hypoxia (Hy) increases FPN content, and the bands disappear following boiling of the samples. Conclusion: The antibody can NOT be used for mouse tissues. However, it might work with rat tissues (not yet tested by us).