Alpha Diagnostics International MTP11-A

A very good antibody for mouse ferroportin determination, used in several papers. In the absence of hepcidin, ferroportin is upregulated and the antibody can then detect ferroportin in mouse liver, heart and kidney microsomes. Ferroportin is abundant in the spleen, and can be easily detected there in NP40-containing homogenate.
Oh yes, and never forget the basic rule for ferroportin determination by this antibody: DO NOT BOIL THE SAMPLE PRIOR TO LOADING!

The picture below shows ferroportin determination in heart and liver microsomes in hemojuvelin knockout mice (i.e. with low hepcidin).

Ferroportin was determined in heart and liver microsomes from wild type (WT) and hemojuvelin knockout (KO) mice. Hemojuvelin knockout mice have low hepcidin expression and are overloaded with iron – both conditions increase ferroportin expression. Of course, samples were NOT boiled prior to electrophoresis. N cadherin is included as loading control. Ferroportin is the band at approximately 62 kDa indicated by arrow, NOT the irritating strong band at 55 kDa.

In conclusion, this is a reliable antibody for the determination of mouse ad rat ferroportin. Unfortunately, according to Ross et al (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29209212), the antibody does NOT detect human FPN!