Transferrin Receptor 2

Alpha Diagnostics International TFR21-A

An antibody used by several authors, seems to work satisfactory. One of the earlier reports is by Robb and Wessling-Resnick:  Regulation of transferrin receptor 2 protein levels by transferrin. Blood. 2004 Dec 15;104(13):4294-9, for a more recent in vivo data (and more correct reporting, including MW markers!) see for example Gao J et al., Hepatocyte-targeted HFE and TFR2 control hepcidin expression in mice. Blood. 2010 Apr 22;115(16):3374-81.

For mouse Tfr2, UNIPROT (Q9JKX3) reports three glycosylations, but, interestingly, the work by Zhao and Enns (Zhao N, Enns CA. N-linked glycosylation is required for transferrin-induced stabilization of transferrin receptor 2, but not for transferrin binding or trafficking to the cell surface. Biochemistry. 2013 May 14;52(19):3310-9) suggest that there could actually be only two glycosylation sites. This seems to be in agreement with our data, as we see only a modest (cca 6kDa shift) following PNGase treatment.

In conclusion, this seems to be an antibody that is really detecting its target.